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At Point Walter Pharmacy we offer an integrated, knowledge-based approach to serving our customers to enable you to better know about and understand your health and your treatment.

As part of our commitment to disseminating knowledge we carry books on allergies, autism, healthy eating and lifestyles, hormones and sexual health for men and women, mental health, nutritional medicine and other topics of interest.

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Nutritional Medicine

Dr Igor Tabrizian's books are essential reading for anyone interested in developments in the exciting field of Nutritional Medicine today. Expertly illustrated and extensively referenced and with humour to match the breadth of the subject matter his books are informative and entertaining.

Degenerative Diseases of the Brain by Dr Igor Tabrizian

Degenerative Diseases of the Brain
Dr Igor Tabrizian

Degenerative Diseases of the Brain explores the nutritional aspects of normal brain function as well as the current models of neurodegenerative disorders. Dr Tabrizian aims to progressively understand and explain the biochemistry of the brain to prevent crippling disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. This text unpacks the puzzle of the brain and central nervous system and offers solutions to tackle the problem of degenerative disorders. Based on detailed and thoroughly researched data, nutritional interventions may be used to halt the progression of, and possibly even reverse, the disease process.
Nutritional Aspects of Depression and Mental Health by Dr Igor Tabrizian

Nutritional Aspects of Depression and Mental Health
Dr Igor Tabrizian

Dr Igor Tabrizian’s eighth book, Nutritional Aspects of Depression and Mental Health, arrives at a pivotal time in mental health and wellbeing. This text interrogates the underlying causes of the common diseases of this modern phenomenon for laypersons and practitioners alike. Loved and highly respected by his patients for his interest in treating across a spectrum of troublesome and persistent conditions, Dr Tabrizian has once again produced a text that enables the layperson to gain insight into the how, when, and most powerfully, why certain illnesses of body and mind present themselves. Crucial concepts are explained in a logical and uncomplicated fashion.
How to Read a 21st Century Hair Analysis by Dr Igor Tabrizian

How to Read a 21st Century Hair Analysis
Dr Igor Tabrizian

Dr Tabrizian's book presents the reader with a logical description of cause and effect of nutrient surfeit and deficit and how these imbalances can be determined and treated following HTMA. The use of diagrams to elaborate and clarify the facts surrounding diagnosis and treatment is to be warmly applauded as in major part it demystifies the often complex biochemical processes behind the overt signs of distress that trace element and nutrient imbalance can create and allows the layman to understand details of the biochemistry that would otherwise possibly be beyond them. The text follows the route of trace elements and nutrients through the body and shows how they are, or are not, assimilated to cause clinical effects in a way that is understandable to the layman and at level appropriate for the medical practitioner, clinician and nutritionist alike.

Winthrop Professor John Watling
BSc DIC PhD Lond., FRACI, FRSC, CSci, CChem
Centre for Forensic Science, University of Western Australia
Nutrition: The Good, the Bad and the Politics by Dr Igor Tabrizian

Nutrition: The Good, the Bad and the Politics
Dr Igor Tabrizian

Completely revised, updated, indexed and in full-colour with extensive references.

Revised and updated, Nutrition:The Good, The Bad and The Politics is a fascinating and accessible book for anyone wishing to explore Nutritional Medicine to benefit their own health.

Subjects covered are trace elements, toxic elements and coenzyme Q10.  Many diseases are also covered, namely: cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, depression and ADD.  Perhaps most interesting of all is the politics of natural medicines today.

Expertly illustrated and extensively referenced this book captures the knowledge and spirit of Nutritional Medicine today, with humour to match the breadth of the subject matter.  This book is informative and entertaining.

Overall perhaps the best description of this text is cheekily insightful.

The Visual Textbook of Nutritional Medicine by Dr Igor Tabrizian

The Visual Textbook of Nutritional Medicine
Dr Igor Tabrizian

Completely revised, updated, indexed and in full-colour with extensive references.

The Visual Textbook of Nutritional Medicine is a well illustrated and expertly presented text by Dr Igor Tabrizian, whose talents in lateral thinking and concept simplification have made him a leader in Nutritional Medicine courses. After a long journey through the annals of Nutritional Medicine, Dr Tabrizian successfully simplifies a vast amount of data into bite-sized digestible pieces.  Dr Tabrizian explores scientific research that could be classed as peripheral to modern medicine; quantum physics, metallotoxicology, veterinary medicine, horticulture and environmental politics.  Each of these disciplines provide vital clues in his search for a Unified Theory of Medicine which he terms Cation Dysfunction Theory (CDT). Using CDT he developed a molecular approach to solving common problems in General Practice, which Dr Tabrizian teaches at his seminars and also in his apprenticeship scheme for Medical Practitioners.

Dr Tabrizian uses clinical and personal research.  Graphics simplify difficult concepts from his Practitioner's Compendium lecture series (provided only to those in his apprenticeship scheme). This book is a 'must have' for any student of Nutritional Medicine. The astute reader will determine that politics plays a crucial role in questions of a medical nature.

The Naturopathic College of New Zealand recommends this fabulous book to students because it (very importantly) provides them with information that is easy to understand.  Tabrizian takes the confusion out of the in-depth nutritional processes explained, and lays it out easily.  This book allows the visual learner to embrace biochemical concepts, and covers many important aspects of nutritional therapy. It is a book that both practitioners and students will continue to refer to throughout their career due to the wealth of information within the pages.
Naturopathic College of New Zealand

Inflammation: The Disease We All Have by Dr Igor Tabrizian

Inflammation: The Disease We All Have
Dr Igor Tabrizian M.D.
Kindle Edition

Inflammation is the universal disease: everyone has it. Dr T explains (with his well recognised storyboard format) a generic model of why we get sick. The factors affecting the process of chronic disease and chronic inflammation including Autoimmune diseases are laid out in a logical visual chapters. It also has a self help page to get readers on the path to understanding their genetic predisposition and lifestyle risk factors for the chronic diseases. This is a landmark work that explains why disease becomes chronic in everyone.

This is a Kindle digital book - order directly from for AUD $11.99

Staying Healthy by Dr Igor Tabrizian
Staying Healthy
Dr Igor Tabrizian

This book aims to explain how nutrition gets into our food and then into us, and how we can best plan our diets to get as much of what we need as possible. It is also written to aid in the dietary correction of any of the listed deficiencies you may have.

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Brain Foods, Brain Poisons: Autism as a Case in Point $28
Degenerative Diseases of the Brain $25
How to Read a 21st Century Hair Analysis $75
Nutrition: The Good, The Bad & the Politics $27.50
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Nutritional Aspects of Depression and Mental Health $25
Visual Textbook Of Nutritional Medicine $75
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New Releases

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Beyond the Fig Leaf by Dr Adrian Zentner

Beyond the Fig Leaf
Dr Adrian Zentner

In this sequel to his first book, 'Raising the Fig Leaf' Dr Adrian Zentner takes us beyond the conventional view of testosterone as a sex hormone to explore the role of this critical hormone in promoting health, vitality and, indeed, longevity. Whilst focusing on the medical aspects of testosterone deficiency and replacement therapy he revisits and updates those areas of sexual and interpersonal relationships that were first dealt with in 'Raising the Fig Leaf.'

Adrian is an honours graduate in medicine from the University of NSW and holds a Diploma in Aviation Medicine from the Royal College Physicians, London.

As a past manager of both medical and safety services for Australian Airlines (now Qantas Domestic), his background has provided extensive experience in maximising human performance as well as health. Adrian has for the last 15 years turned his attention to general medical practice with a strong focus on the management of hormonal problems. Currently based in Perth, he conducts regular clinics in hormone replacement and wellness in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Adrian is a committee member and trustee of the London based Society for the Study of Androgen Deficiency and has featured in television programs including Good Medicine, A Current Affair and Today Tonight, addressing issues of hormones, vitality and performance.

Another Wonderful Day by Jens Anders Kjersem, DC

Another Wonderful Day
Jens Anders Kjersem, DC

Jens Anders Kjersem DC, born in Ålesund, Norway in 1945, is presently in his 45th year of clinical practice as a chiropractor. After graduation in March 1969, he established a practice as the first chiropractor in his home town and became a member of the Norwegian Chiropractic Association (NCA). He has served as editor of the NCA Journal and treasurer of the NCA Board. He has invented postural support chairs, various spinal supports, diagnostic aids, and therapeutic instruments to advance chiropractic posture therapy. Often a speaker and lecturer at chiropractic colleges, seminars, and conventions, he still practices and resides in Ålesund, Norway. Jens Anders Kjersem is also the author of ‘Learn to Heal’, which deals with specific mechanotransduction therapy.
Once Was Burma

Once Was Burma - New Images from the Streets of Rangoon
Kim Buddee

An historic transformation is happening in Myanmar, once was Burma. The country is emerging from its isolation and finally joining the 21st Century in what has been described as “the Burmese spring.”

This revolution is being felt most particularly in the former capital Yangon, once was Rangoon. There is at last the prospect of an end to decades of neglect and decay.

However this brave new world spells uncertainty for the future of not only the unique collection of colonial heritage buildings that have miraculously survived,but also for other aspects of a  the city where the national costume is worn by most of the population,the women and children have a creamy paste called “thanaka” smeared on their faces andthe world’s oldest buses converted from World War Two army trucks are still in service.

These new images capture that moment in time...
...before everything changes.

Memories of Aquinas College

Memories of Aquinas College (2nd Edition)
William Woodruff

An ideal gift, attractively bound with the same gold embossed cover of the vintage Aquinas Annuals, Memories of Aquinas College is a detailed and thorough history told with unique insight and feeling. Over 260 pages of photographs and character profiles tell the story of the inception of Aquinas College to recent times, from the insightful point of view of long-time Headmaster, WJ Woodruff. Memories of Aquinas College is mainly a journey into the Golden Era of Aquinas College in the nineteen sixties, a time remembered fondly by many. This enjoyable book will be of interest to those who have any connection with the College, albeit historical, familial or personal. An unique period of transition is covered, from when Aquinas College was staffed solely by Christian Brothers to the gradual introduction of lay teachers. The nineteen sixties was a period of rapid growth and hard-earned achievement for staff and students alike. Such dedication and diligence from students and staff at the time resulted in excellent academic scores, sporting achievements and an unprecedented building programme. Memories of Aquinas College offers a personal and detailed insight into the personalities, events and day-to-day life that constructed Aquinas College yesterday and today. This is a book sure to bring a smile to many a face.

Selected Titles

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What You Must Know about Women's Hormones (P Wartian-Smith)
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Iodine: Why You Need It (D BrownStein)

Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease in Australia (N McFadzean)
Why Can't I get Better? Lyme and Chronic Disease (R Horowitz)

Mental Health
Brain Fuel Depletion, Anxiety and Depression (P Symons)
Grain Brain (D Perlmutter)
Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (R Sapolsky)