What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

Point Walter Pharmacy is a specialty and compounding pharmacy. But what does that mean? Compared to the standard pharmacy, our compounding pharmacy specialises in not just dispensing medication, but customising medication for each individual patient. We work with your medical team to build a high quality formula based on your unique health needs.

A compounding pharmacist can suggest alternative methods of dosing options for a variety of specialties including veterinary compounding, paediatric compounding, hormone replacement therapy, complex compounding and many other compounding options. Our compounding pharmacists are highly trained to help you achieve your individual pharmaceutical needs.

Specialty and Compounding pharmacies are highly specialised disciplines requiring training, dedication, creativity, and a solid knowledge of treatment options.

Who needs compounded medicine?

A growing number of people have unique health needs that off-the-shelf prescription medicines cannot meet. For them, customised, compounded medications prescribed or ordered by doctors, allied health practitioners or veterinarians and mixed safely by trained, compounding pharmacists are the only way to better health. Compounding is in even greater demand for treating animals because of the relatively narrow selection of medicines that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

Who may need compounded medication?

  • patients with allergies to preservatives, dyes, or binders

  • paediatric patients

  • patients who cannot ingest dosages in readily available flavours or formats

  • patients with unique health needs

  • patients who require multiple medications or unique dosages

  • patients who want a higher standard of pharmaceutical care

  • when needed medications are discontinued or unavailable

  • veterinary patients

Expect more from your pharmacy?

So do we.

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